From day to day.

If you are suffering from dementia, living in a senior home in Germany will worsen your condition.

If you have nothing to do, nobody to talk to, if everyday life is reduced to waiting for nothing but

death, you will loose the rest of your mind and all your other capabilities for sure.

23. 07.2020


A few have billions, billions have nothing. A few have a lot more than they ever will need  and billions are hardly earning enough money to barely survive. This  is obviously sick. But we accept it as if it would be normal.



“Since 1980, 28% of new income from global GDP growth has gone to the richest 1%.
In other words, nearly a third of all the labour we’ve rendered, all the resources we’ve extracted, and all the CO2 we’ve emitted over the past half century has been done to make rich people richer.”
Quote by Jason Hickel

So we destroy the earth, but not to feed the hungry, but not to provide  decent living for everybody,
but to increase the income of those, who already have more than they can make use of in any other than an abstract way.


Die Würde des Menschen unantastbar. So sollte es sein. So ist es nicht.
Human dignity is inviolable. Thus it should be. But it isn´t.

Going to an exhibition opening after a day of work at the senior home is a quite spooky experience. After meeting people on the brink of life, mixing with the art crowd makes me question the sense of small talk and lets me doubt about art as a luxury product for the happy few.




Alte Menschen sind das, was wir sein werden, sollten wir nicht vorher sterben.

Wir sind jetzt das, was sie mal waren.

Es wäre  angebracht, das nicht zu vergessen.

Old people are, what we will be, if we won´t die in time. And we are now, what they have been a time ago. It should be appropriate, not to forget

about this simple truth.