Sometimes I am suffocated by the limitations of photographers photography thus motivated to move to something different, to move to the wider spaces of art.

I was in this state of mind two days ago when I stumbled over
Isabelle Wenzel´s homepage 
(via the sonic blog)

While sending her a mail and wondering if an answer will come, the rough surface of her work and her playing with everyday elements to install an obviously constructed reality Urs Lüthi came to my mind and here we are now.

Once I was asked to define art, and I remember having hated the question, because I just couldn´t answer it, and I still can´t.

Art could be pretending to fly like the heroes in old fairy tales,
Art could be the deconstruction of reality.

Art could be magic or pure trickery.

Art could be dreaming of creation.

Art could be like a child´s game called hide and seek,

Art could relate to art and nothing but art.
Art could be communication.

Art could be your mirror.
And mine.